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DCG research and articles about: enterprise content management

Kofax, Perceptive and Hyland reshuffle the deck in search of new winnings

Companies that grow by acquisition can be difficult to understand, particularly if lots of different products are bought from multiple sources over a sustained time period. (Take OpenText, for example.) Lexmark Enterprise Software is one such company, having taken several steps to get into–and now out of–enterprise software. With Lexmark International itself under new ownership,… read more >

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Extended ECM (xECM) opens the door to content for CRM users

There’s been good news recently on the extended enterprise content management (xECM) front. Specifically, OpenText and announced a partnership to integrate OpenText’s Content Server with Salesforce’s CRM through an out-of-the-box connector. This mirrors other recent partnerships from OpenText to integrate Content Server with 1) Microsoft SharePoint Online (Office 365) and 2) SAP SuccessFactors (extending… read more >

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Transform Insights, Improve Operational Excellence, and Delight Customers with Extended ECM

Digital content delivers no value to businesses and consumers if it just sits on a shelf—physical or virtual—waiting for someone to find it. But a “shelf” is precisely where much unstructured information remains, robbing businesses of essential insights into their customers and business processes, and blocking key inputs to business decisions and actions. Connie Moore… read more >

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DCG Podcasts: Enterprise File Sync & Share

February 2015 – The Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) market got a boost with Box’s recent IPO. In this podcast Digital Clarity Group’s Connie Moore and Chris Walker discuss the EFSS market, some of the players, and whether EFSS can succeed where Enterprise Content Management (ECM) has failed.

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BoxWorks 2014 – quick thoughts, delayed

I attended BoxWorks2014 in San Francisco, from September 2nd to 4th. It was fun. It was great to reconnect with some folks I hadn’t seen in a while, and to meet some people face-to-face for the first time. This paragraph feels like one of those “what I did during summer vacation” essays. You may be… read more >

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Give it Away – The Value is in the Knowledge

If I were to start an enterprise software company today, I’d give the licenses away. No, I am not thinking about open source at all. I’m thinking about services, non-core functionality, and integration. I’ll stick to Enterprise Content Management software, but the principles are applicable to any enterprise grade platforms or suites (we can debate… read more >

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DCG’s Guide to Service Providers Featured in FierceContentManagement article

August 15, 2013, New York – The buzz for Digital Clarity Group’s new Report continues! As THE Guide to Service Providers for Web Content and Customer Experience Management, the Guide continues to garner industry recognition. FierceContentManagement, a notable industry resource featuring articles and commentary on enterprise content management, recently wrote a review outlining the merits… read more >

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Is a WCM game-changer brewing In Basel? (On the appification of applications)

Basel-based Magnolia CMS has many of the trappings of the typical small software vendor. Foosball table? Check. Team dinners at a long communal table? Check. Smart, hard-working co-founders who complete each other’s sentences and still radiate enthusiasm over a decade after the company’s launch? Jawohl! Design magazines in the WC But then, the Foosball table… read more >

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Scott Liewehr discusses the top content management news of 2012

Scott Liewehr, President & Principal Analyst at Digital Clarity Group, was approached by Fierce Content Management to give his expert opinion on the top content management news story of the year. “I’d say 2012, to me, was the year where the idea of managing the customer experience came on full-force. Reintroduced to content folks in… read more >

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