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Lets Talk about Chat…

Web Chat is a fast growing communication channel with mature technology. Unfortunately, most chat interactions are sliding down the poor customer experience hill very fast and becoming a useless Contact Center channel – not unlike the phone. If you have not yet deployed chat but would like to, tweet @Bushman10. I’ll be happy to provide… read more >


Customer Care versus CRM: Don’t Stay Stuck in the Past

The word “customer” in customer experience management reminds us that delivering great experience during the post-sales stage of the relationship is essential to creating loyalty and advocacy. But engaging customers (versus prospects) requires so much more than implementing a customer relationship management system for storing information, as my colleague DCG Principal Analyst Johan Jacobs points… read more >


CRM and beyond

In this discussion Butch Stearns and Johan Jacobs talk about CRM. What does CRM look like today? How can organizations get the most out of the customer data? Is real-time customer engagement a must? What does ‘beyond CRM’ mean?… read more >

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Is Your Organization Ready to Take the Leap Towards Customer Care?

Since the dawn of commerce, humans have marketed and sold items to one another and provided pre- or post-sale service. Today sales, marketing and service disciplines are sciences in their own right. Companies have invested vast resources in establishing separate business entities that engage the customer in either a sales, marketing or service activity. Marketing… read more >


Customer Service Experience 2015

August 17-19, 2015. New York, NY, USA. Let’s Talk About Chat… by Johan Jacobs Event website: Customer Service Experience 2015 read more >

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