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DCG research and articles about: marketing technology

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The Marketing Transformation: From Managing Campaigns to Orchestrating Experiences

Today’s consumers have long moved on from just accepting a glut of content noise from companies trying to attract their attention.  They respond to contextual customer experiences — the merging of digital content, interfaces, technology and even physical spaces. Have marketing practices kept pace with changing consumer desires and values? No, says Robert Rose.  The… read more >

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Marketers, Heal Thyself from Bad Technology Purchases

Is your marketing organization stuck in the past when it comes to the technology that’s essential for modern digitally-driven marketing practices? In this paper, Robert Rose argues for rethinking the marketing technology that you buy and, just as importantly, how you buy it. There’s no disputing that consumers have fundamentally evolved the way that they… read more >

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DCG Podcasts: Experiences, the 7th era of marketing

    April 2015 – Connie Moore and Robert Rose discuss better practices of the 7th era of marketing – Experiences. Listen in as the DCG analysts discuss where marketing has been, where it’s going, and how you can benefit from staying ahead of the curve.            

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Connecting Content Marketing Experiences: Three Keys to More Connected and Aligned Technology and Marketing Agendas

It’s getting tough out there. Consumers are more widely connected than ever, across a rapidly increasing number of devices.  Various research studies indicate that, in response, marketers are giving top priority to delivering data-driven, relevant content experiences across new and existing digital channels. But for most enterprises, simply prioritizing an initiative doesn’t guarantee it will actually happen. Organizational… read more >


CMO Digital Marketing Leaders Summit

June 1-3, 2015. Austin, Texas, USA. Scott Liewehr, and Tim Walters lead roundtables, panels, and workshops. Event website: CMO Digital Marketing Leaders Summit read more >


CMO Summit Europe

May 12-14, 2015. Dublin, Ireland. Scott Liewehr, Tim Walters, and Cathy McKnight lead roundtables, panels, and workshops. Event website: CMO Summit Europe read more >

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How Agencies Can Bridge Gaps For Mid-Market Success

Digital disruption has been particularly hard on companies in the mid-market. Competitive advantages historically based on regional/local presence, distribution, long-standing customer relationships, or even partnerships with larger enterprises are no longer sufficient. With multiple channels such as mobile and social and new processes like inbound and content marketing, it is no wonder that mid-market companies… read more >

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