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DCG research and articles about: open source

Digital Clarity Group

DCG Podcasts: Requirements Gathering for a Technology Selection

April 2015 – Connie Moore and Cathy McKnight discuss the importance of requirements gathering in a technology selection project, and provide some pointers and great advice for gathering and prioritizing requirements for a technology selection.  

Digital Clarity Group

Give it Away – The Value is in the Knowledge

If I were to start an enterprise software company today, I’d give the licenses away. No, I am not thinking about open source at all. I’m thinking about services, non-core functionality, and integration. I’ll stick to Enterprise Content Management software, but the principles are applicable to any enterprise grade platforms or suites (we can debate… read more >

Digital Clarity Group

Liferay Portal Solutions Forum

Wednesday August 21, 2013, New York — Tim Walters, Partner and Principal Analyst at Digital Clarity Group, has been invited to speak at the Liferay Portal Solutions Forum on Tuesday September 24, 2013. This is the first Liferay Portal Forum to be held in Germany. The forum will bring like-minded professionals together to discuss Liferay’s open… read more >


IT’s security blanket hampers response to digital disruption

Remember fear and trembling in the face of open source software (OSS)? Circa, say, 2006 — as the OSS vendor space was exploding and early adopters were revealing measurable benefits and impacts — the prevailing attitude among enterprise IT departments was still . . . resistance. A familiar flock of anxieties about OSS solutions were… read more >

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