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A partnership between customer experience and operational excellence is emerging

Customer Experience and Operational Excellence join forces for digital transformation

In early 2017, we declared that operational excellence (BPM) practitioners and customer experience (CX) experts would join forces this year to transform the business, starting from initial customer interactions and then going all the way through to back office operations that support those customer interactions. It was a powerful statement, especially since the project teams… read more >

OPEX Week: Business Transformation Summer Summit

Meet Connie Moore at the OPEX Business Transformation Summit hosted by IQPC. This event targets business leaders who are driving their organizations towards process excellence (OPEX) in the digital era. As part of the pre-conference Customer Experience Day, Connie will deliver a workshop on marrying process excellence with the customer journey, using examples from leading organizations that are designing process hand in hand with customer journey mapping. On day one of the main conference program, Connie will participate in a panel discussion entitled “Spotlight on Culture and Change,” in which participants provide guidance on organizational change management.

Speakers represent industry leaders such as AT&T, eBay, Wells Fargo, Eli Lilly, Kellogg’s, Merck, Intel, and Swarovski.

For insights into the topics that Connie will cover, download her  analyses of business process management and organizational change management as core competencies for customer experience management (CEM). Relevant reports also include Transform Customer Experience and Operational Excellence by Going Digital Outside and Get Started on Creating Great Customer Experiences with Journey Strategies.

Webinar: Global Awards for Excellence in Case Management

11:30 am ET

Connie Moore is co-presenter of the Annual Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) Case Management Awards, announced live during this online event. Connie shares the virtual podium with Keith Swenson, Chairman of the WfMC and Vice President of Research and Development at Fujitsu North America. As part of the webinar, Connie will also provide insights on case management trends.

The WfMC awards recognize user organizations worldwide that have excelled in implementing innovative solutions for case management, a business practice closely related to business process management (BPM). 2017 nominees include Blueprint Genetics, Law Society of Singapore, National Bank of Kenya, PowerSouth Energy Cooperative, and University of Notre Dame. Attendees have an opportunity to learn from award winners — what they did, how they did it, and what results they achieved. Registration is open to all.

For related analysis, read Connie’s post on BPM and case management.

OPEX Business Transformation World Summit 2017

Meet with Connie Moore at OPEX Week 2017.


OPEX Week 2017 is a Business Transformation World Summit event that brings together members of IQPC’s Process Excellence Network (PEX). The conference  is aimed at executives, managers, and practitioners who are responsible for their organizations’ operations, processes, performance, and transformation.

Key themes include business transformation, customer centricity, digital operational excellence (OpEx), process governance, and data analytics. Enterprise leaders from healthcare, financial services, high tech, apparel, and pharmaceutical industries are on the program, sharing their experiences with driving business and process transformation within their organizations. See the full agenda for details.

Digital Clarity Group has partnered with IQPC to offer subscribers a 20% discount on the registration fee for Master, Business, and Two-Day passes. Use discount code DCG_20 when registering.

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African Elephant isolated on white

The Business Transformation Elephant – It’s Not What You Think

This week I’ve spent a lot of time with business process leaders who are chartered with making Business Transformation a reality in their organizations. These individuals are largely C-level executives and vice presidents who work in a number of process improvement and operational excellence roles, as well as lines of business leaders. This dialog occurred… read more >

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Transform Customer Experience and Operational Excellence By Going Digital Outside and Inside

Because the digital world and customer behaviors are moving so quickly, senior executives in most organizations (rightly) feel compelled to act immediately to remedy digital weaknesses and convert them into strengths. After investigating their options, executives typically embrace business transformation either outside or inside the organization to stay ahead of the competition or catch up with… read more >

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