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In Customer Experience Technology Implementations, “Go Live” Is Just The Beginning

Serving today’s digitally savvy consumers across all channels poses a major challenge for marketers. In most cases, meeting omnichannel requirements includes looking at whether the company needs to expand, upgrade, and replace its CX technology infrastructure. At the same time, the focus often shifts from implementing a specific software vendor’s product or platform for omnichannel to a… read more >

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“Go Live” is Just the Beginning

Digital Transformation Requires a New Approach to Technology Implementation In this paper, Jill Finger Gibson explains why it’s essential to rethink  traditional approaches when it comes to customer experience (CX) technology implementations. Organizations must learn to look beyond “go live”  to achieve sustainable digital transformation. This new mindset will also put them in a stronger position… read more >

Organizational Change in Technology Implementations

PODCAST: Organizational Change in Technology Implementations

Welcome to Just Clarity, a periodic podcast about Digital. Just Clarity is produced by the team at Digital Clarity Group. We help leaders transform the experience they deliver to customers, prospects, and their employees through the effective selection, integration, and adoption of customer experience management technology. Learn more at Cathy McKnight (CMc): In this… read more >

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Successful Technology Implementation Requires Buyer Preparation

What are the ingredients for a successful technology implementation for customer experience management? Obviously, selecting the right technology is important. And yet, with all the high-quality technology choices available, an astonishingly high number of technology implementations fall short of success. The Standish Group, a research firm that tracks the state of the software development industry, found in a survey of 50,000 IT… read more >


Increase Your Probability for a Successful Implementation

You can take the best DM/CEM tools in the world and destroy their business value with a poor implementation process.  So, what steps can you take to ensure that your implementation project will succeed? In an earlier post, I described a new maturity model for technology implementation.  This model is based on the concept of… read more >

Technological maturity, not an age thing

Technological maturity, not an age thing

In a recent post, Digital Clarity Group President, Scott Liewehr, made this critical observation: “never conduct a technology selection without also selecting the service provider.”  He talked about why this step is critical for our clients, and also reviewed factors we consider when evaluating providers (their methodologies, product fluency, ability to empathize with our clients’… read more >

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