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Customer Experience

A Voice of the Customer Approach for Choosing Really Great Service Providers for Customer Experience

Customer Experience (CX) initiatives can be extremely complex or relatively straightforward – depending on whether the focus is on 1) customer experience management (CEM) by transforming the CX and reinventing customer-facing business processes across the organization, or 2) implementing technologies such as a content management system (CMS), customer analytics, or e-commerce. But no matter what… read more >

Digital Clarity Group

Successful Technology Implementation Requires Buyer Preparation

What are the ingredients for a successful technology implementation for customer experience management? Obviously, selecting the right technology is important. And yet, with all the high-quality technology choices available, an astonishingly high number of technology implementations fall short of success. The Standish Group, a research firm that tracks the state of the software development industry, found in a survey of 50,000 IT… read more >

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Preparation Pays: The Role Technology Buyers Play in Implementation Success

Having the right technology infrastructure is vital to an organization’s success in today’s digitally enabled world. Technology buyers embarking on a platform selection, whether it be for hardware or software, are spoiled for choice in the variety of products and solutions available from vendors across the globe. Should an organization decide to hire an external… read more >


Avoid Disaster with Better Agency Partner Selection

Digital Clarity Group explores the topic of avoiding a digital transformation disaster with better agency partner selection.

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