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The Definitive Guide to Snapchat: Massive Engagement and Ghostly Metrics

Not only is Snapchat able to attract youthful audiences, but it’s also able to engage them. Millennials spent nearly six hours on Snapchat every month last year, according to “The 2015 U.S. Mobile App Report,” by comScore, and Snapchat states that more than 60% of its more than 100 million daily users create content every day.

Perhaps one reason Snapchat’s engagement is so high is because it’s deliberate. As Tiffany Elliot, analyst for advisory firm Digital Clarity Group, notes, Snapchat users don’t scroll through a feed to view its content like they do on other social networks. Instead, they directly click on the content they want to open and expand it to the full mobile screen, Elliot says, making it a “very intentional experience.”

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