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The Marketing Transformation: From Managing Campaigns to Orchestrating Experiences

The Marketing Transformation: From Managing Campaigns to Orchestrating Experiences, Robert Rose

Today’s consumers have long moved on from just accepting a glut of content noise from companies trying to attract their attention.  They respond to contextual customer experiences — the merging of digital content, interfaces, technology and even physical spaces. Have marketing practices kept pace with changing consumer desires and values?

No, says Robert Rose.  The reality is that, in most cases, marketing processes and strategies haven’t changed. Many businesses are still organizing and scaling their marketing processes in the same way that has been around for 80 years. Marketing departments still operate in short-term, product-centered “campaigns,” but consumers don’t care about campaigns. Instead, consumers simply expect an always-on 24/7/365 consistency through any channel. The new approach that’s required? Executing across functions to create digital content supply chains.

In this paper, Robert suggests three steps that marketing teams can take today to transform marketing from managing campaigns to orchestrating experiences.

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