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The VOCalis Survey

VOCalis Survey

Finding the right digital partner is harder than ever. As technology advances, the skills required to implement and manage it become more elusive. Every agency, consultancy, and systems integrator claims Digital as a core capability, yet many business leaders are underwhelmed by the results of their Digital initiatives. 

VOCalis aims to fix this problem by bringing Voice of Customer (VOC) data about agencies, consultancies and systems integrators to the masses. Finally, a TripAdvisor for digital partners!

The VOCalis survey takes about 12 minutes to complete, and the information provided is anonymized to protect participant confidentiality. Submissions can be about a current or past project with an explicitly-named digital partner (digital agency, systems integrator, consultancy).

Thank you in advance! Your voice will help others make better choices! And if you are trying to select a digital partner, please contact us. We can help!

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