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A Unified View of Audiences is Key to B2B Digital Advertising Success

Digital advertising can still be an effective tool for B2B marketers. There’s evidence that it works, when done right. In a recent study, 5% more B2B buyers than last year cited “digital ads” and “ads on social media” as resources that first informed them of the solution they were researching.

What’s more, digital advertising for B2B solutions can be one of the primary ways that businesses surface trust and continuously deliver it (across devices, platforms, and formats). Digital advertising can provide a through-line as the buyer moves from source to source in an education process. However, digital advertising’s effectiveness is a bit of a chicken-and-egg situation. In order for it to provide the value that helps marketers attain deeper understanding, a digital ad must itself be driven by data that is based in some understanding. In other words, successful digital advertising must be both relevant and targeted.

In this Insight Brief, Robert Rose explains why most B2B digital advertising is exactly the opposite today. Robert explains why misalignment of teams and technology is the root of the problem. He then proposes a solution: unified audiences as the key to digital advertising success. He breaks out three types of audiences – anticipated, addressable, and measured – and shows how to unify them with the smart application of technology and the right use of data.

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