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VOCalis by Digital Clarity Group

The true keys to successful technology solutions are people and process. Digital leaders know this, but they lack the data and insights to make the best choices for their organizations. Better decisions, better performance, better services, better success rates – all are possible with verifiable knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. VOCalis aims to address this critical market need.

Evaluating digital partners is hard. Industry analysts shy away from it because these firms are difficult to categorize and even harder to compare in a meaningful way. We take a different approach. Rather than trying to compare and contrast based on our view as analysts, why not ask their customers about how they have performed in the past? While technology vendors sell products, digital partners sell promises, and the only way to evaluate future success is to understand past performance.

VOCalis (/vo’ka.lis/) is a Voice of Customer (VOC) assessment service to evaluate the performance of both digital partners (digital agencies and systems integrators) and technologies according to their customers. Under the VOCalis banner, we gather input from customers who are implementing digital experience solutions, and from the digital partners who are working with them on those implementations. Our VOCalis team analyzes and aggregates the inputs, providing value-added insight to buyers, digital partners, and technology vendors in a variety of ways, including benchmarking data, research reports, and custom analysis.

The VOCalis Award is earned by those agencies and integrators that consistently meet the expectations of their customers. It is the only outcomes-based award in the industry. In our view, it is the best indicator to enterprise buyers that a digital partner will deliver on its promises.

With insights from VOCalis:

  • Digital leaders and technology buyers have access to data about digital partners that is critical to selecting the best-fit partner for their needs.
  • Agencies and integrators get valuable feedback on their own performance, benchmark their performance against others, validate their achievements, gain competitive insight differentiation, and more.
  • Technology vendors gain insight into the performance of their solution partners and customer feedback about their own products and offerings.

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