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RFP 101

So you need a new … WCMS? Marketing automation platform? Ecommerce solution? Where not to start. Many companies will start their technology or service provider selection process by sending out a blind RFI (request for information) or RFP (request for proposal) without so much as picking up the phone to introduce themselves and the opportunity,… read more >

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Give it Away – The Value is in the Knowledge

If I were to start an enterprise software company today, I’d give the licenses away. No, I am not thinking about open source at all. I’m thinking about services, non-core functionality, and integration. I’ll stick to Enterprise Content Management software, but the principles are applicable to any enterprise grade platforms or suites (we can debate… read more >

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EPiServer Customer & Partner Day 2013

Friday November 1 2013, New York – Fast approaching is EPiServer’s Customer & Partner Day UK and Ireland 2013. Tim Walters, Partner and Principal Analyst, will be in attendance to talk about industry trends. The event will also feature customer cases, developer workshops, and separate tracks for customers and partners. The event takes place at… read more >

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Marianne Kay featured in article: What’s Essential For Digital Success?

Tuesday October 1 2013, New York – Marianne Kay, analyst with Digital Clarity Group, has been featured in a J. Boye article written by community moderator Stephen Emmott. Entitled “What’s Essential for Digital Success?”, the article showcases Digital Clarity Group’s unique positioning on web content management selection projects. As Kay describes it, Web Content Management… read more >

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The house the CMS team built

Finding the right web content management system (WCMS) is akin to building a house; without the proper thought, time, and consideration dedicated to the process at the outset, you will likely end up with something that you will find difficult to live in/with. It all starts with a perceived need Most of us don’t just… read more >

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Selecting Today’s Web CMS: 5 Key Practices for Successfully Selecting Your Next Platform

Authors: Robert Rose, Scott Liewehr Web CMS business drivers have changed from simply managing web content to managing sophisticated digital experiences and supporting a buyer’s journey across multiple channels. Today, the content you serve must be contextually relevant — it should be personalized by leveraging a visitor’s location, device, behavior, social graph and supporting information… read more >

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What’s in a Name?

That which we call a rose By any other name Would smell as sweet… Not the case when speaking about Service Providers/Digital Agencies/Systems Integrators. These firms are committed to their selected nomenclature (often for good reason), and will correct anyone who calls them otherwise. With so many different services offered, there is a lack of… read more >

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