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Privacy and Piracy: Who Owns Personal Data?

You wouldn’t steal personal data, would you? Remember the anti-piracy ads that ran in movie theaters and on DVDs ten years ago? The message was, in part: You wouldn’t steal a car. You wouldn’t steal a handbag. You wouldn’t steal a television. Downloading pirated films is stealing. Piracy. It’s a crime. In those relatively early… read more >

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Get Ready for the New Personal Data Economy

Over the last ten years of big data excitement and hype the economics of the internet and of digital business have followed Tim O’Reilly’s simple dictum: “The guy with the most data wins.” This maxim has driven the decisions of the internet platform giants, fueled the explosive growth of a massive ad-tech ecosystem, and shaped… read more >

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Scott Liewehr talks GDPR on CMS-Connected

This month on CMS-Connected, Scott Liewehr and Tyler Pyburn discuss the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Digital Clarity Group Co-founder and Principal Analyst Tim Walters has written and spoken extensively on GDPR in recent months. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) places significant new and expanded restrictions on the collection, use, storage, sharing, and… read more >

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PODCAST: 5 Myths about the GDPR

In this episode of the Just Clarity, Digital Clarity Group’s podcast, Jake DiMare and Tim Walters unpack 5 myths about the GDPR, EU’s new general data protection regulations.

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Progress on Privacy: Business Incentives and the GDPR

The Question Last year, a journalist asked me, “Why is respecting customer data privacy sound business policy?” My answer at the time: This is a matter of increasingly intense debate. Some claim that, in principle, more data means better services/improved customer experience. They argue that since consumers ultimately (or, what amounts to the same thing,… read more >

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Are You Ready for the GDPR?

“No. We’re not.” That is the answer offered by the majority of participants who attended DCG’s webinar on the European Union’s recently adopted General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The question of readiness was more than just a catchy title for promotion. We really do want to understand where organizations are today with their knowledge of the… read more >

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The End of Marketing as We Know It: Are You Ready for GDPR?

When: June 22, 2016 at 10AM Eastern Where: Webinar – Register Now Batten down the hatches because General Data Protection Regulation is on the horizon! Designed to strengthen and unify data protection for individuals within the EU, this storm of changes to rules about privacy and data protection was adopted on April 27, 2016, and… read more >

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